The ability to backup your data is always a welcome feature to any OS. This will create a tarball of everything in your /storage/.kodi folder (library, settings, etc), /storage/.config (OpenELEC Configs), and /storage/.cache (OE Settings addon configs)

The ability to start fresh without a reinstallation is possible by selecting one of the option below.

This configuration page will allow you to configure the networking for your OpenELEC install. If these settings are changed, a reboot is required to update the networking on the OpenELEC.

Chose if you'd like wired networks to be active or not.

Use to configure default and fallback network timeservers

Here, select the network device to be used for the network connection on your OpenELEC device. Select the network type (LAN or WLAN) and the adapter to be used (eth0 and eth1 are LAN adapters and wlan0 wlan1 are wireless adapters).

This section will be to input your Wireless network parameters. OpenELEC_OS_Settings_Network_WLAN_Settings.png

Manage the ethernet, wireless, and VPN connections available on the system.

Configure and pair bluetooth devices.