OpenELEC has an internal samba server that makes it easy for users to add files to their OpenELEC machine and easily edit specific configuration files. Accessing OpenELEC's samba server allows one to navigate many different folders and configuration files located on the machine.

From here you can copy media to your OpenELEC machine if you so desire. You may need you IP address of your OpenELEC machine, to find this navigate to System -> Hardware -> Summary


To access these samba shares from another computer just follow one of the following guides that corresponds to the operating system that it uses.

To access the samba shares from Windows simply open a Windows Explorer window from a computer that is on the same LAN as the OpenELEC machine. In the address bar type \\<ip.adress> and replace <ip.address> with the IP Adress of your OpenELEC machine.


Open finder and either hit CMD + K or go to Go -> Connect to server, then type smb://<ip.address> and replace <ip.address> with the IP Adress of your OpenELEC machine.


Open a file browser window and go to file -> connect to server, then select windows shares and type in the ip address of the server.