There are some IR Transceivers that can do IR Blasting. Sending IR signals to different devices like a TV or AVR thru the IR outputs on the transceiver. The outlets is standard mono phone plugs, stereo works to. Most AVRs has the same IR inputs.

For example most MCE Transceiver can do this.

You need to add the remote you want to Blast to a lircd.conf by running irrecord. First you need to kill the lircd process if it is running:

killall lircd

Enable the LIRC protocol:

ir-keytable -p LIRC

Then start irrecord telling it were to create the new config file:

irrecord /storage/.config/lircd.conf

Follow the on screen instructions. Keep close to the receiver...
You only need to add the buttons you want to blast. Press [ENTER] with no remote name to end recording. You need to set a useful name in the lircd.conf file.
When you are done you need to reboot your system for it to start working.

OpenELEC primarly runs Eventlircd to handle remotes and this is still done here. This forces us to run lircd on a different socket: /run/lirc/lircd-lirc0. To send a IR command through lircd we need to run this command:

irsend -d /run/lirc/lircd-lirc0 SEND_ONCE <name of remote> <KEY_TO_BLAST>

<name of remote> here is the name you tolled to irrecord in add remote section. <KEY_TO_BLAST> is one of the keys you entered in irrecord. The extra socket here breaks XBMC.LircSend() support unfortunately. You need to use XBMC.RunScript() with a small python script instead:


import os,sys

def main(args):
    os.system("irsend -d /var/run/lirc/lircd-lirc0 " +" ".join(args))

if __name__ == '__main__':

Enter this in a text file called in your configfiles samba share and save it. In your remote.xml or keyboard.xml use this for the key you like to use:

XBMC.RunScript(/storage/.config/, SEND_ONCE <name of remote> <KEY_TO_BLAST>)

There is some work don by Joeri Pronk here:

So you can use the standard method to send ir commands from Kodi.