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Introduction to the Compatibility List

This list has been compiled from successful (or unsuccessful) user reports; it is NOT a definitive list of the hardware that OpenELEC can support. If you are checking compatibility against items listed here please remember that OpenELEC is specifically targeted at current and recent generation HTPC systems. OpenELEC will also run on x86 compatible Laptop and Desktop systems but we do not target their hardware and the more exotic or older your hardware is the higher the chance of "quirks" and missing drivers. The "Generic_OSS" image for OpenELEC 3 and the Generic images for OpenELEC 4 were created as catch-all images that contain most of the drivers but if you're trying to use something manufactured before 2006/7 you are probably better off with an XBMC Live distro that has more universal hardware support. Please add items to the appropriate section. If one is needed, please create it. If possible please identify drivers being used and maybe include dmesg output (only the lines for the drivers).

Additions to the List

By adding information about the hardware that works for you, you're helping others to choose and configure their hardware for OpenELEC. If you would like to add or correct information in the lists below, please post to the Supported Hardware forum and tell us what works for you. The information will be moved to the Wiki page.

Supported Hardware