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20px   OpenELEC Configuration

OpenELEC aims to provide an appliance-style OS that "just works" out of the box, but due to the vast array of hardware available you may need to make some config adjustments to get things working 100%. If you have questions about any of the guides please ask them via the OpenELEC forums, or drop into the #openelec IRC support channel for a chat.

Icon remote.png Accessories

Guides to help configure your accessories

Dual-display-icon.png Display

Guides to help configure your TV

Term.png Networking

Guides to help configure network settings

Audio-card1.png Audio

Guides to help configure audio

Icon settings.png System

Guides to help configure OpenELEC

Mysql-icon.png MySQL Database

Configure your centralized MySQL database

Network-drive-connected-icon.png Network Shares

Guides to help with network shares.

Kodi logo small.png Kodi

How to configure Kodi

Dual-display-icon.png Live TV

Configuring reception of live TV broadcasts