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Beginning with OpenELEC-3.2 we will seperate some addons from our buildsystem and won't provide them anymore within our official addon repo. The reason for this to make it easier for us to maintain our core OS sources and give 3rdparty addon developers the possibility to submit their own addons (also such which we rejected to be included in the past) to a global repo.

This Repo will not be included by default in OpenELEC, the user must install the repo byself.

This can be done by downloading the repo from, putting this via samba or ssh onto your box and install this repo as zip file via XBMC's addon browser (see also How to install from ZIP file)

Please report issues with any of this addons in the unofficial OpenELEC Addons forum.

Icon settings.png Debugging
Network-card.png Driver
Tv-icon2.png Multimedia
Putty64med.png Networking
Remote control.png PVR
Terminal.png Shell
System-icon.png Service
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