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20px   Installation
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This section provides guides to assist with installing OpenELEC onto your system. For the normal builds of OpenELEC (Generic, Ion, Fusion, Xstreamer, and Intel) You must follow the Installing OpenELEC part 1 guide. This guide shows you how to create the OpenELEC install stick on a seperate PC using Windows, Linux, or OSX. Then after creating the install stick you must move on to follow installing OpenELEC part 2 guide. This shows you how to install OpenELEC via the created install stick onto your HTPC.

For special systems (Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, VMware) You must follow the specific guides for those installations as they have unique installation methods.

If you feel like you want to manually install OpenELEC (create a live USB stick), Multiboot OpenELEC (install alongside other OS's), or PXE Network boot OpenELEC there are guides for those procedures as well.

Icon install.png Installing OpenELEC

This is our installation guide.

Icon install.png Installing OpenELEC (Special)

Specific installation methods.

Hardware-software-install1.png Updating OpenELEC

How to update OpenELEC.

Icon install.png Network Boot (PXE)

Installing OpenELEC with network boot.

Icon install.png Other Installation Methods

These guides provide ways of manual installation.