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This page or section describes features that are apart of a future version of XBMC, v12 "Frodo". For more information see development builds.
Updating to OpenELEC 3.0:
1. Introduction 6. Removing Your Current Configuration
2. Exporting Your Video Library 7. Importing Your Video Library
3. Exporting Your Music Library 8. Importing Your Music Library
4. Setting To Manual Update 9. Adding Your Sources
5. Copying the Update Files 10. Path Substitution
11. Enjoy!

This guide is for users who wish to learn how to update properly to OpenELEC 3.0.

You may be disappointed to know that your current configuration will be lost. This is due to incompatibilities between XBMC versions. This may change in the full release.

The main purpose of this guide is to help you keep your current Video and Music databases. We know you work hard at updating and tracking your media and we do not want you to lose your hard work. This guide will provide you with the correct way to do so.

If you want to be extra safe then continue on to the next step (recommended) other wise all you need to do is update OpenELEC using the normal update method.

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