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The content of this page is for OpenELEC 1.0. It will be removed soon.

Path substitution

With the arrival of Eden, new possibilities have been added for configuring your OpenELEC/XBMC machine. Specifically, the advancedsettings.xml can contain lots of tweaks to make your htpc perform the way you need it. Have a look at for more details.

Path substitutions are used for redirecting file paths. These are processed in order, and are useful for substituting an absolute path on a PC with a path suitable for XBMC to handle. Default is that no path substitutions are defined.

Shared Thumbnails

Shared thumbnails will also reduce the clutter on local OpenELEC/XBMC machines. Since only one instance of all thumbnails will be stored on your NAS/server, they will be available by every OpenELEC/XBMC machine in your network.

With <pathsubstitution>, OpenELEC will no longer require the usage of symbolic links. It will use a much simpler, direct 'translation' from the internal thumbnail path to the actual external path.

An example for replacing the default thumbnail path is:


The external share will require read and write access. Perform a reboot to activate the new settings.

That's how you make pretty much everything shared. In the same manner, not only thumbnails can be shared but also playlists, profiles, subtitles, etcetera. See for more information.

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