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Type: Services
Version: 3.0.1
Platform: all
Repo: OpenELEC 2.0
Summary: SABnzbd-Suite is a Metapackage which combines SABnzbd, SickBeard, Couchpotato and Headphones in one Addon.

SABnzbd-Suite on OpenELEC includes SABnzbd, CouchPotato and Sickbeard which automatically searches for, downloads and sorts, movies and TV shows as they become available.

SABnzbd is a service that can run on your OpenELEC machine and allows you to download newsgroup binaries directly to your HTPC.

CouchPotato will keep your wanted list of movies and check regulary online if your wanted movie is available already.

SickBeard keeps your wanted TV-series and download every new episode when it becomes available.


To install this add-on you must do so from the Add-on Manager from within XBMC by going to:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Get add-ons
  4. OpenELEC Mediacenter OS Add-ons
  5. Services
  6. Add-on:SABnzbd-Suite
  7. Install




Open up a web browser from another computer and browse to the following location:

 http://[openelecIP]:8081 for openelec2

You'll get the following screen (without the downloads shown in this screen)


We need to configure SABnzbd+, go to the tab "Config" and then select the tab "Servers" (all other tabs are pre-configured for OpenELEC).

Fill in the requested info on this page, which is provided by your ISP or binaries provider. When filled in, you can test your settings with the "Test server" button. If everything is correct you'll get a message "Connection succesful". If your settings are correct, click "Enable", and save changes.


Go to the tab Categories, add a new category called "tv", under scripts, select and save this. You can add more categories, but don't set the script for them. Now you're ready to download some videos or other content from the binaries servers.

To add a NZB to SABnzbd+ there are several ways, I'll give the 2 most used:

  • In the Sambashare under Downloads, there is a folder called watch. Drop any NZB file in this folder and it will be picked up by SABnzbd+
  • In the mainscreen of the webbrowser (click on Downloads (left top) to get to the mainscreen), there is a button in the right corner called "Add NZB".

Click it and you'll get the following screen:


In there, click on the "Browse" button to search for the NZB file, and when located, click on "Upload". Whichever method you use to add your NZB files, the download will start automatically and be processed and moved into the download folder when complete. SABnzbd+ will check if the files need to be repaired (using PAR2) and if they were archived in a compressed folder like a ZIP or RAR, SABnzbd+ will try to unpack it for you.


Open up your web browser and go to the following location:

 http://<IP address of your HTPC>:5000
 http://[openelecIP]:8083 for openelec2

The following screen will load:


CouchPotato is very easy to setup, so click on the gear to continue.

As most is already preconfigured for you, we're going right to the NZBs/Torrents tab.


Most in here should also be preconfigured, but to be sure of a good working config, make sure everything is filled in as the image above and click the "Save" button.

NOTE: Use of torrents is NOT recommended and we will not provide any support for this.

Head on to the next tab "Providers"


If you have an account with one of these NZB providers, you can fill in your account info. It is highly recommend that you subscribe to one service to use CouchPotato. Make sure you select "Enable" for the services you have provided info for. After that, click the "Save" button. Feel free to click through the other tabs for extra options, but they're not required.

Back to the main screen, click on "Wanted". In the search field, enter the name of a movie you want, select the quality you desire it in the pull-down menu, and click "Add". This will result in a list of movies with that name - select the correct one and click on "Add" again. This will either add the movie to your wanted list, or it will be added to the SABnzbd+ queue if it is available on one of the servers.


Open your browser and head to the following location:

 http://<IP address of your HTPC>:8082

(or try openelec.local:8082)

The following screen will appear:


For configuration, go to the tab "Config - Search settings" and check if everything is filled in as the screen below:


Make sure you have added at "SABnzbd Category" the term "tv" and hit "Save changes". Now go to the tab "Config - Search providers" and select all NZB providers that you have an account for. If you don't have an account on any of them, select "Womble's" and "Sickbeard" index. If you have selected providers other than these two, fill in the required info for those sites in the menu below "Configure Built-In Providers" and select the correct provider by selecting it in the pull-down menu. Hit "Save changes"


Now click on "Home". Adding a series is almost the same as CouchPotato. Click the tab "Add show", and the following screen will appear:


Click on "Add new show". You'll now get a 3 parts add-menu and if you've configured everything you just can hit the "Add" button on the first page of this menu after selecting the TV-series.


Fill in the name of the series you would like to have. Note that series that aren't released yet can be added too - Sickbeard will then download them when they become available. Now click on "Search", select the correct series and press the button "next".


Check the download location and make it default. Series will be stored in their own folder, and if you select the "separate seasons" option in the following screen, the seasons will also be separated in different folders. Once you've finished, press the button "next".


Set the following options as you wish, everyone has their own settings. You might also want to click the "Save Defaults" button that I mentioned before, this will make adding the next series a lot quicker as all of your settings will be saved. Next time you can just click on "add" in the first screen.

When you click "add show", the series will be loaded and downloaded when it becomes available. Once a series or episode is downloaded, you will find it in the downloads folder/network share under the series name.

If you want to change this location, change the location in SABnzbd+ in the tv category.


Please note that the automatic updates/update checks of SickBeard and CouchPotato have been disabled to provide the highest possible stability for the addon.

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