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20px   Reporting Issues

You tested OpenELEC and found an issue - now you want to file it – that's great!

While you help us to improve the quality of OpenELEC, please keep a few steps in mind to help us manage issues in OpenELEC.

Bugs are tracked in the Github issue tracker.

  • Please review the existing issues – Github provides a search field to search for Issues
  • Providing the zip file found in the logfiles samba share is a must. issues will be closed if its not included.
  • Reproducible steps, actual and expected results
  • Link to test files (you can create a gist on if that's convenient).
  • Use pastebin! We provide the pastebinit utility so you can post logs easily. dmesg | paste

If you create patches that address issues please fork the project and submit patches as a pull request, as this reduces the effort required to implement the fix and allows the OpenELEC developers to work faster and smarter.


For website errors and suggestions please make a thread in this topic.


For wiki errors and suggestions please post in this thread