NFS Shares with Synology

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20px   OpenELEC Configuration NFS Shares with Synology


This guide will show you how to configure your Synology NAS device to work with OpenELEC.

The Synology End

  • Enable the NFS service found under Control Panel -Win/MAC/NFS. Check the "Enable NFS" box and click OK
  • You must add a NFS Privileges entry for the share that you want to access using NFS i.e. The default 'video' share. This is found in Control Panel - Shared Folder
  • Highlight the share to want to access using NFS and click "NFS Privileges" near the top (highlighted in red below)


  • Click Create and add an entry for the IP address of your OpenELEC device as shown. The Synology NAS supports wildcards if you need more than one device with NFS access





Some Synology NAS stations have a certain incompatibility with XBMC's internal NFS driver. Access to the shared folders of your Synology may then be a problem. One possibility is that the default insecure_locks setting used by Synology firmware is holding back the connect from OpenELEC/XBMC. One of the affected Synology models is the DS209 series. Here is how to fix that.

Open an SSH connection to your Synology NAS, and login as root. Use your admin password to complete the connection.

You can check the contents of the exports file using the 'cat' command, for example:

Synology nfs exports listing original.png

You will have to edit the exports file in the /etc directory.

 vi /etc/exports

Each of your shared folders with NFS access will show up in this listing with the default insecure_locks setting.

Change the setting for all those folders with OpenELEC access from 'insecure_locks' into 'insecure', so it will look like this:

Synology nfs exports listing fixed.png

Save the edited exports file with [ESC]:wq<ENTER>, or reboot the NAS entirely. (Do not forget the : when saving your exports file)

The new settings in the exports file now have to be finalized, so type in:

 exportfs -a

You can also do a reboot of your Synology NAS, but the exportfs command should do the trick too.

Now OpenELEC should have full NFS access to your shared folder(s) on your Synology NAS.

Additional steps

Please see the Kodi wiki for a few more steps to take to get XBMC working flawlessly with a Synology NAS.