HOW-TO:Installing OpenELEC/Setting Up Your BIOS

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Installing OpenELEC:
1. Introduction
2. Setting Up Your BIOS
3. Writing The Disk Image
4. Installing OpenELEC
5. Enjoy!

If you are using a system with Nvidia or AMD graphic chipset like ION or Fusion platforms you must set the video memory in the BIOS to 512 MB (or highest available setting). This only affects builds that use VDPAU or VAAPI (Generic).


Not all ION boxes have an editable video memory amount. If available, choose the highest value.

Asus nvidia ion bios.jpg

For AMD Fusion Systems it is important to setup a UMA size of 512 MB. You can find this setting in the North Bridge Configuration.

On some older BIOS Versions this setting is not available without upgrading the BIOS, which is not a trivial task and cannot be covered by this page. Attached you find a screenshot of this setting


Once this is done you can continue on to step 3