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20px   Guide to first use

Thank you for choosing OpenELEC!

This guide is to help point you in the right directions for all your questions.
When first booting OpenELEC you will be presented with the Confluence skin.
From here you will want to do a few things.


This is the bread and butter of XBMC. If you are not using XBMC's library function then you are missing out.

XBMC already has a wonderful guide so there is no point in repeating what they have already said.

  Adding Videos to the Library

There are certain OpenELEC specific configurations here.

To configure screen resolution all you need to do is simply navigate to:

System -> System -> Video Output

Then change the Display setting

If your desired resolution doesn't seem to be available then you may need a custom xorg.conf

To configure your audio device all you need to do is simply navigate to:

System -> System ->  Audio Output

Then select your required Audio Output, and Audio Output Device.

Accessing OpenELEC's samba server allows one to navigate many different folders and configuration files located on the machine.

From here you can copy media to your OpenELEC machine if you so desire.